Shima Saberi

Shima Saberi

Toronto-based photographer

Shima Saberi is an Iranian photographer based in Toronto, Canada

She studied English Literature at Tehran University while exploring oil painting, violin, and photography in her spare time. Shima began pursuing photography more seriously after completing her university studies as a means to capture the essence of people, objects, and places and the subtle details that define moments in time.

While primarily self-taught, Shima also completed photography courses in Iran at Rozaneh and Mah-e-Mehr Art School and has worked as a freelance photographer for Zurvan Healing Centre posters.

In addition to her love of photography, Shima is an avid traveler and has a passion for food, especially that which is presented beautifully. Shima believes that art – particularly visual art – is a powerful form of persuasion, and through photography, she aims to capture moments and details that both inform and inspire.