Shima Saberi

Toronto-based photographer

A little about me:

I'm a Toronto based photographer, and I do portraiture, event, advertising, and street photography. I believe that a good photo can tell a story..

With a strong passion for the arts, I began to pursue photography much more seriously after my university studies. The goal? To capture every detail that defines the moments of time, from the texture of a jacket to a person's expression.

Visual art is a powerful form of persuasion. Through photography, I aim to capture moments and details that both inform and inspire.

My style is dynamic, modern, and creative. I love taking photo shots of people. To compliment, I take them to a dynamic setting that not only makes their beauty shine, but also shows their true essence! 😊

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There are many things to see out in the open world. Pictures taken in public have a sense of realism which can't be matched with other genres. The candid nature of street photography is truly a sight to behold as it can be seen in infinite possibilities.

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Whether your product is food or utilities, it is imprtant to captivate people's attention! Presentation is just as important when it comes to advertising a product as it further enhances the appeal of the product. I will be able to present your product in a way that would show it in a captivating light.

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The world is a beatiful place full of wonders. From a resting butterfly to a forest that shines, there is always something to see at a given time. Nature changes every second and so it's important to capture the very special moments of nature.

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The special times to get together and let our inner and outer energy loose! There is always something noteworthy to photograph during these gatherings and my eye for detail can capture those moments. by the end you will have highlights that remain memorable for days to come.

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I believe everyone has something that makes them stand out. I take beatiful shots of one or more people. Everyone is beautiful and my job is to showcase it. After the photo session, you'll have photos that are simply stunning.

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I love taking pictures.

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